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Vitamins and cancer patients

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I have taken vitamins (E,C and .B) for years but now I have been told that cancer survivors should not take vitamin supplements . Has anyone else been told this

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Hi, I've been taking a multi vit plus vit A, E, C, CQ-10, selenium, calcium plus Juice Plus (a mail order concentrate of fruits/vegetables. I showed my oncologist all of what I was taking and he wasn't concerned in the least. I had 6 rounds of taxotere/carboplatin and have just gotten an all clear on my last CA-125 & my Ct scan. I also changed my diet too. Good luck in your journey. Sue

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I'm no expert but I think some people should avoid some things. Lymphoma survivors shouldn't have a vitamin regimen designed to boost the immune system, because it could also boost the cancer, for example. It probably has to do with which cancer and which vitamins. Therefore, probably your doctor can help you figure this out.
If you do get more info on this, could you post it to our message board? I'm sure a lot of us are interested.

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