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Anyone taking Arimidex?

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I've been on Tamoxifon for a year now and experiencing quite a few of the side effects. My oncologist told me about Arimidex and said I should check it out and if I wanted to try it, he's give me a script. He did said he couldn't guarantee that it would work though which seemed funny. My research shows basically the same side effects. Have any of your had any experience with it?

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I'm not on Arimidex, but the basic difference is in how they work. The effect on the bones is a benfit with tamoxifen - weakening of the bones with Arimidex - and both let you experience the fun of hot flashes!

It's not a sure thing that tamoxifen will give you uterine cancer or liver cancer, but it is a sure thing that Arimidex will weaken your bones - if you are young, think about that.

Longer track record with tamoxifen has caused ASCO - American Society of Clinical Oncologists - to stay with the tamoxifen.

I just read your web page - have you considered a mastectomy to attempt to eradicate the chronic nflammation/infection? Do you still speak to the doctor who watched your lump for 8 years????

I'm wishing you better days and hope the problem is resolved soon.

Hugs, Jean

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Jean, thank you so much for that information. My family has a history of osteoperosis (sp?) so I don't need to take that change. Sounds like I will stay where I'm at.

As far as a mastectomy, no one will do it. I'm seening a new lady breast surgeon soon and will ask her.

As far as the doctor from 8 years ago, he's a North Idaho (almost in Canada) gp that moved to parts unknown a couple years after they found the mass.

Thanks for your help. Sure appreciate it.

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Hi, I am on arimidex so thought I would add my 2 cents! I am 6 mos cancer free and because I was menopausal and est-prog+ the dr suggested arimidex. Yes, it does weaken bones and the hot flashes are horrific, but I have no other complaints. I did have a bone density scan and so far my bones are okay. I do exercise and take calcium supplements. I am happy with it so far, but your age (as Jean mentioned to you) may make a difference in whether you want to change your meds or not.
Goo Luck!
Cathy :-)

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