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Tram Flap

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I had a tram flap reconstruction on my right breast approximately 5 years ago. After the initial operation, I looked like I had a tummy tuck, but lately, it seems my stomach won't go down, it is sticking out, not grossly, but enough! Has anyone else experienced this problem? Also, I am exercising two times a week at aerobics, does anyone notice that the breast made from the tram flap is getting bigger from the stomach exercises? Thanks for your help.

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Hello Ginney!

I just had my Tram & mastectomy (rt side also) this past July 22nd. Her name is Babette *smiles*
I have noticed that the lump between/below my "breasts" has softened considerably but when I do situps it firms right back up!! This is rather disconcerting! I was told that portion of muscle would degenerate and become scar tissue in 3-6 months... I'll believe it when I see it!!! Starting to think that all those sit ups I did pre-surgery were NOT such a good idea after all! *laughs* Also, Babette is getting bigger... that's been worrying me too! What's going on with our Trams?!?

Marty (waiting at Ginney's side for answers)

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Hi Marty! Yes, that lump between the breasts will eventually go down. Mine is there but not bad at all. I wish my right breast was getting bigger! LOL!! Cathy

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Hi! I had a tram flap 2 years ago. My stomach is also buldging more. I exercise everyday. I start the day relatively flat but as the day progresses, I get a bulge that is very uncomfortable. It pulls more. I'm still very happy that I had a Tram flap. I can't say my breast is getting bigger. I wish it would! LOL!!! HUGS!! Cathy

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Just wondering if all you girls are exercising a bit to much with sit-ups and aerobics ?? I had my tram flap 3 yrs ago, my tommy is fine ,only when I lay down it looks like its bulging on the site where the muscle is gone. Was told to be a bit careful with sit-ups, hernia could develope.The sort of lump under the breast is there, soft and not to noticeable. My "Babette" is still the same size and has gotten a bit softer. Overall looking pretty good for a young ol lady. I walk a lot, that is my exercise. No sit ups for me, maybe because I am older my Doc cautioned me ??? Hope things get better, hugs and good wishes ....Emmi

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Hi I agree with Emmi. My ssurgeon warned me against abdominal exercises for the time being[my op. was in March]I do find my lower abdomin gets quite swollen if I have been overdoing things.

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