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Skin Cancer (Basal Cell Carcinoma) treatment with Fluorouracil

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Hi ya'll! Went to a dermatologist yesterday re:suspicious spot on my chest. It's skin cancer-my first. The dr. kept saying it's nothing to worry about, but the word 'cancer' in any context is much scarier for us survivors! The options: surgery or Fluorouracil cream. She recommended the cream since the spot is in a highly visible area, & surgery would leave a scar. I'm okay with this as I don't need anymore scars in that area! But my #1 priority is to be safe. I read later that surgery is apprx. 100% effective in this skin cancer; the fluorouracil cream is apprx. 93%. I called ACS, she said this is a form of the same chemo, '5FU', sometimes used to treat BC. This lesion is located 1/2 in. outside of the radiated field (from 1 of my tattoos). Wonder if it's related to the radiation treatments I rec'd 1.5 yrs. ago? If not, I'm sure it's due to my many yrs. of sunbathing which I stopped the day of my BC diagnosis. Do any of you have any experience with skin cancer? -Geral

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Have you thought about having a plastic surgeon do the stitches so there is minimal scarring? A friend of mine who recently also went through BC had skin cancer on her face, which she had removed and she had her plastic surgeon who did her reconstruction do the stitches, and it looks great. Personally, I'm all for 100% effective, but you have to do what you feel comfortable with.

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I've always read that this cancer is highly curable by getting rid of it by burning or cutting. I'd go for that - the idea of a cream on a cancerous spot sounds - dare I say it - irresponsible on the part of the doctor. Wonder what she'd do for herself! Pam gave you excellent advice.


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