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Follow-up body scan

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Waiting final results on my one-year follow-up body scan. Preliminary results show that there was some uptake in my thyroid cavity, though I don't know what percentage. Anyone have a similar experience? What's next? I'm 33, F, had stage 2 papillary cancer last August. Had a total thyroidectomy and a radioactive iodine treatment at that time. Thanks ahead of time for any responses.

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I was just told that I have to have a thyroidectomy. Can you tell me what the procedure was like?
Thank you,

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I had a sub-total thyroidectomy 4 years ago for medullary ca. I was overnight in the hospital. I was uncomfortable, but not in much pain. Took about 2 weeks to turn my head enough to drive a car. my scar is practically invisible now. good luck

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