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Reply to Tara

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Congratulations Tara!
Glad you're feeling better. I found exercise to be a huge help during my chemo and recovery. Even something as simple as a walk outside can do wonders to lift one's spirit. Keep up the good work.

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KC I have always tried to stay somewhat mobile through my whole ordeal this past year and my previous problems. After being an athlete and getting over a couple of injuries as well as having a couple of mastectomies, I have always known that getting movement going quickly and keep getting some physical activity is very important and an incredible stress reliever. But I too have seen how difficult it is to get out there and do anything when you are dragging your body around barely able to get through the day. Motivated, just getting out of a bed an accomplishment, very self defeating. Deep down I have known getting back there and getting my physical being back would in turn help set the rest of me straight. I have decided that this is all just hard work nothing I am not use to.
thanks again,

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