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Lung Cancer/breast cancer

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Have not been here for a while, so I am trying to catch up. Apparently There are more of us with unrelated breast and lung cancers. How did we get so lucky?

Mimi described hers as two lungs and a breast. I tell everyone I had two breasts and a lung, and doesn't that sound like a fried chicken order?

Gotta find the humor.

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Do I count? I had melanoma surgery (left arm) in 1983 and brnocheoalveolar carcenoma surgery (March 2, 2002) & radiation May, 2002. Supposedly unrelated. Still trying to find someone else who has "experienced" radiation.

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I think you count. I had radiation to the breast, but not on the lung. The lobe was removed 4/01, also BAC.

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Hi,I have small cell lung cancer and have gone thru 6 and 1/2 months of coctail chemo and 33 radiation treatments . What is exactly the question that you are seeking an answer to ? I would like to help if I can. I am in remission since February of this year . The radiation treatments were three dimensional ( thru chest, side, and back. I definitely went thru burn in the throat and esophogus and to this time have a raspy throat. Mike

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New to the group. Diagnosed with unrelated lung and breast cancer in October 2002. Had upper left lobe removed 12/11 - went into nodes - currently undergoing 4 chemo treatments; so far, so good - not sick at all. Following chemo, will have radiation on nodes in lung area; unable to radiate breast area, they tell me too close to heart and lung area. Following radiation, will determine whether to have lumpectomy or mastectomy. Tumor in breast has shrunk and I am on Tamoxifin to also reduce and kill tumors. Have survived all this, but interested in the radiation treatment also. Have positive attitude but difficult to talk to friends/family who try and understand but don't fully. Have survived so far and nice to hear the humor -- how did we get so lucky! Ya gotta have it during these times.

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