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Chat Room was 'Open!' from 9:30-12:30 EST this morning

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Hey girls! I was pleasantly surprised to find the chat room occupied this a.m. I've never been able to catch anyone in there. Vjc5199, hummingbyrd, jmears, nocarb1, doris36,& tara24242 all 'stopped by'! [No this is not a roll call (HA!).] I just want other 'newbies' to the ACS website to realize the chat room site DOES work! I was beginning to wonder! Thanx for the chats!-Geral

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Geral's right it was fun! I say lets try to keep it going around 9;00 on wkdays in AM and
after 10:00 at night works good for me (CST). We even had a good chat last PM. Anyone w/ better times please post them! Somebody get the butter we're on a roll! Hummingbyrd (corny I know but my kids like it)

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