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RE: Zoladex

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Someone was asking me about this. It is an injectable medication used to stop hormone production for those who are ER+. I opted for a hys instead because in trial studies 23% of the patients who got the inj. had tumor flare up (tumor got larger) suppossedly it shrinks back down, but you have to get the shot every 28 days in the stomach! OUCH! anyway only 4% of the patients w/ hysterectomy had tumor flare up. One of my mets was in my low back, very close to my spine, I didn't like the idea of any flare up! This is just my personal opinion, but if you get the package insert you can read it under Warnings. God bless Hummingbyrd.

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Doesn't Tamoxifen do this? I just got my prescription for that today and it is supposed to do the same thing--block hormone production for ER+ tumors. I haven't heard of Zoladex. Have you researched this drug on the Internet?

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Tam blocks ER+ cells sites but I'll have to check pkg insert. I don't think it causes tumor flare ups.

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Hello Hum.

I have Zoladex to chemically "suspend" my ovaries during chemo. (It is also used for -if I remember correctly- prostate cancer and other things.
With this implant, which I have every 3 months, I have a 70% chance of coming thru' this with my ovaries functioning. We chose to do this as we had to abort our (first for us) pregnancy due to the aggressive nature (her2neu 3+, extreme vascular involvement, size, etc.) of my bc.

It's a subcutaneous (under skin) implantation of 3 (for the tri-monthly version) pellets. Mine are in my bum/buttock as I could not have it done on my abdomen after having a TramFlap. Yes, it's a good sized needle and it's a bit "owie".. but for us it's worth it!

Be well,

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