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one year after surgery/chemo/radiation

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Hello all, so glad to find you! June 2001 I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. The treatments were rough, but made it one step (sometimes wheelchaired) at a time. My fatigue is finally getting better, but I still find days I can't get off the couch. I've finally got the diarrhea under control a little, which helped get more energy. I guess my biggest question is: Do you ever stop wondering when cancer will return? I continue to have horrible pain in my hip which I guess is due to radiation, does anyone have after-effects from the radiation?

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Hi I was also dianosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the throat in June. I had to have my tonsils,salivatory gland,36 lympnodes which 7 were cancerous and my bottom teeth removed. They could not find the primary source. The operation took 10 hours. Then after about a month I started radiation all I did was throw up and I lost 60lbs it was very hard to eat I had no appetite and everything tasted like cardboard. thank God for boost drinks. I went for my first checkup and it is scary!! I'm still cancer free Thank God!! I have to bring in my catscans and you still have that fear it might be back, because we've been thru hell!! But my doctor told me to act like I'm going for a regular check up because anyone can get cancer at anytime not just us!!! I hope this will help you!! I totally understand what you've gone thru!! They say it takes about a year to get back to normal!! I have no feeling in my shoulder, parts of my ear and neck but we have survived and God will take care of us I hope this has helped some!! God Bless!!

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Hi. My name is Lucie. My Mom is starting chemo and radiation tomorrow morning, and we don't know what to expect. Maybe you can help us to help her. What might she feel like, and can we comfort her side effects somehow? or might she feel like being left alone? We're all a little confused here. Thanks to you and people like you who are willing to share, we have found somewhere to talk.

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Hi Acmorgan, I too had anal squamous cell ca and went thru chemo and radiation. The pain and burns experienced during treatment are nothing I would EVER care to repeat. During and after radiation, for many months, I experienced hip soreness and couldn't sit on any hard surface. Today, one year since treatment, I have ligament tightening in my hips and I can't sit on hard surfaces because it hurts the bones there. I try to do stretching exersizes to help with the ligaments. About wondering if my cancer will return, yes I did worry. And yes it did return but as mets to the liver. I have had more chemo, surgery, and now I will be having more chemo. However, I love each day and hope for the best. We can choose to worry or we can live. You make the choice.

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