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Anyone with this side effect from Radiation Treatment to their neck?

I have received 41 Radiation Treatments and my Radiation Oncologist told me I

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Mia, my husband had 40 radiation treatments to the neck and he is experiencing side effects. HIs last treatment was July 10th and he still has the feeding tube in and has alot of swelling. We just got back from MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston where all is treatment was. He had a barium swallow test done and his muscle have started to freeze in his swallowing area. We have to go back for a dilation of the throat which is to help. Who knows. What is lymphostasis? Will things get better for you? Please let me know, Candy

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Dear Candy.

Thanks for your reply. It was on my birthday :o)

I have had 41 radiation treatments including a boost = 9000 Gy.

What I forgot to mention is that the Lymphostasis that I have experienced (that now is lessened) is mainly in the face.

I had Nasopharyngeal Cancer with mestases to the neck and had radiation both in the face and neck.

Lymphostasis is blockage of the normal flow of lymph.

Lymph is a milky fluid that contains proteins, fats, and white blood cells (which help the body fight off diseases). Lymphostasis comes from the Greek word "lympha" meaning "spring water," and the Greek word "stasis" meaning "a standing still."

If a lymphatic system that had been absolutely intact suffers damage because of operations or radiation during cancer therapy, this is called a "secondary lymphedema"

I have lost some hearing and also been diagnosed with TMG - a weakening of the cheek bone/muscle.

Another side effect of this treatment is Hypothyroidism.

I hope your husband is doing well.

How is his dryness of the mouth?

Mine is better than it was, but still have to take salagen.

Please feel free to write again.

If more people have had similar experiences, I'd be glad for a reply.



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