NHL ~~low grade

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Hi, I'm new here.I was diagnosed with low grade NHL in August,1998. I was so happy just before that diagnosis, because I was just about to celebrate my 9th year being breast cancer free. The news was devastating to say the least. I would like to chat with others who have NHL. I have survived once and I will survive again, but I could use a little help from those who understand. I'd like to hear from you. Thanks


  • wallpa
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    What stage are you in? Do you have b-cell follicular? Have you been getting any treatment?

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    Give me an email,, some time, it will be great to chat,

    I also am DX with low grade lymphoma,, I am doing good, W&W,,, so far, just a couple of nodes a little bit enlarge, not to bad,,,that is about it for site affect, so I am lucky so far, but they are coming out with new treatments all the time, so I really have alot of hope, that if I do have to have treatment some day it would be like a shot in the arm, and that would be it,, On health talk net, they have this shot, now, for NHL DX people, check it out, so it getting closer every year, I am very hopeful..

    take care, and I wish you peace today,,

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    I am a low grade HHL survivor. I was diagnosed in Jan. '02 and went through six months of chemo along with an immunotherapy. They say I am cancer free today. Praise God! The best advice that I could give is to seek the Lord. Only He can give the peace that we need to face situations like these. I would be glad to discuss
    specifics or answer questions. Good luck!