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The "Early Show"

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Joined: Oct 2001

Hi, everyone, I am going to be on the "Early Show" on CBS from 7 to 9am on Nov. 1st. It will be a round table on internet friends and breast cancer. Should be fun! Tune in if you can. Hugs, Shirlann

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Wow, go get 'em. Best of luck. I'll write the time and date on my calendar.

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Congrats, I'll be watching. It'll be neat to see someone I know, even if indirectly on Ntl TV! Plug our cause and give God the honor! TByrd

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Hi Shirlann, How exciting for you. I watch the Early Show each AM. It will be fun and interesting to watch a segment that hits close to home and our hearts. Proud of Ya!Love Darla

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I'd better set the VCR so I don't miss it. How did this episode come about - how exciting also.


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Joined: Oct 2001

Hi Jean, met another gal on one of my other sites and Voila! We are on! I hope it doesn't get bumped by a Monster Truck Rally! hee hee, Shirlann

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Joined: Mar 2002

Be sure to mention how great this site is!! Way to go girl!!

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Can't wait! I've already set my VCR. Just to be sure-is that 7-9am Eastern Standard Time? You go girl!

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Great, make sure you 'll remind us again, just in case we forget. Thanks....Emmi

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great!! i only get 2 channels and CBS isn't one of them but i'll get my mom to tape it for me. you go girl!!! God bless. Vicki

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Good for you. I will be sure to tune in. Good luck and God Bless.

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Hi Shirlann! How exciting! I have my 5th round of chemo that moerning, I'll watch before I go! Have fun! Doris

Posts: 235
Joined: Oct 2001

Oh heck, I'll probably freeze up and look like a big fat old idiot. Dang it, Is should have lost that 100 pounds. hee hee, Shirlann

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