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Update & Effexor??

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Hi everyone, Just wanted to update. I just had my one year check up with the surgeon and she has told things are looking good. Yea!! My main complaint is the minor numbness, hot flashes/night sweats, and tightness across my chest....but what is that when you been through chemo/radiation and mastetomy! Now, my family doctor has suggested Effexor XR to help calm the night sweats, has anyone heard of this? Do you happen to know some write ups regarding this. The web site for Effexor mainly focuses on the anti-depressant side. Would appreicate any comments! Thanks to everyone. I enjoy getting up and reading through the discussion. Very informational, inspirational. Love, Darla (ptomom)

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HI there,
I am 37 with stage 2a invasive ductual, did mastectomy/chemo/rads and now I had hot flashes bigtime. My onco put me on effexor for them and it didnt help a bit. As soon as I started taking 800 ml of vitamin E they went away completely. Hope this helps!! It was amazing for me.

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Just wanted to address the tightness in your chest. If this is from having mastectomies you might want tot think about doing exercises to loosen that area up. My experience has been there are bans of tendons that can form and go right down into your arm and you have to work on these to lengthen and stretch them back into place. Movement is the most important thing for gettting complete movement back into your chest and shoulders. I take amitryptoline to help me sleep at night but I don't have the night sweats keeping me awake, I just wake up soaked, LOL.
Be good to yourself,

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Thanks, Tara. Yes, I am having uncomfortableness. I swepted my father's living room and two days later, I was sore. It scared me at first thinking "oh no, cancer, but my doctor reassured me that this is not the case. My new family doctor suggested some water classes at the "Y" and my surgeon did suggested that I start doing some exercises daily on my arm. I get tingles in my fingers when it gets tired. My worry is I'm only 45 with two young kids and really don't want to get stiff and sore that I can't do things with them. Love Darla

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Hi Darla! Did you ever think of going for Physical Therapy for a short time? They can instruct you in exercises appropriate for you . This way you'll be able to safely stretch and not worry too much about hurting yourself. Whenever you do new activities, you'll feel sore but that's normal. Don't overdo anything and do not push if it hurts! Some discomfort is ok but pain is not! I'm a PT and I went to PT and found it helped me alot! I was back on the tennis court 7 weeks after mastectomy and Tram Flap reconstruction. I feel discomfort alot but it does go away! Good luck! HUGS!! Cathy

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Hi Cathy, Yes, I spoke to my doctor about PT and she felt that I should do some the exercises that she showed me. I try those here but I am not one to sit if I don't feel it is working. It was also suggested that I get back into my water aerobics class at the Y, I may consider that. I'm not working right now so...I guess I have time on my hands with the boys both in school.

Also, I would like to talk to you about the tram flap reconstruction. I had a double masectomy and at the time, the doctor wanted me to get the chemo and radiation completed. She is now talking to me about if I want to consult with a doctor regarding reconstruction. I haven't looked into much, fearful, I guess. But the thought of wearing fakes for the rest of my life is a bit overwhelming too! (I'm 45). Well get back with me. I do appreciate your input. Love Darla

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Hi Darla. Contact me at RPT1206@aol.com. Ask me questions! I'm more than willing to help you. I'm 2 years out and feel very satisfied with the results. I'll look foward to hearing from you. HUGS!! Cathy

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Hi Darla, I am on Effexor and it has done wonders for me. My hot flashes aren't so often now and also notice that my mood seems better. I was sad and scared and it has helped me alot in that respect...I have no side effects from taking it. I have been on it for a few months now..wonderful news about your one year checkup..wishing you many many more, best of luck!!! God Bless, karin

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I am considering effexor also, my breast surgeon recommended it, haven't got much info yet, did you?

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I have been on Effexor 75 mg. for over a year. It cut my hot flashes down to about a 1/4 of what I had. I also take Ambien 10 mg. to sleep at night. I know 3 other women, one my sister-in-law, who also take Effexor and couldn't do without it!

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Just got home and reading all the new posts. I have been on Effexor XR 75 mg for over a year too,no side effects, hotflashes are cut at least in half, I take xanax 5 mg at night so I can sleep. Will start my vitamins incl.vitamin E after I am done with chemo. Hope this helps. Best wishes... Emmi

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I was taking Zoloft for depression when I heard about Effexor for hot flashes. I went to my Psychiatrist who hadn't heard it worked on hot flashes but together we fond an article on the internet about a study done by the Mayo clinic that it helped 60% of the women it was tested on with hot flashes so we switched and it has helped. It took about 4 or 5 weeks but now I rarely even get flushed. Good luck. Jamie

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