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Chat room

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Hey ladies I've only been on this site for a couple of weeks but I've noticed the chat room is typically empty. Are we missing each other or just not chatting? If we are missing each other maybe we could come up with a mutual time to check the chat. Just an idea. I know we couldn't always stick to it but maybe it would increase our odds of running into each other. TByrd

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Hi TByrd
I notice this too! I would love to "chat" sometimes. By the way, I was refreshed to see your note on one of the discussion. I was inspired. Ha. I am 45, double masetomy, Stage 2 with 2 lympth nodes involved, just completed chemo and radiation and now on tamoxifen that kicked me into early mentapause. I have two kids 4 & 11. Keep up your positive attitude, this is what helps us when the going gets a bit rough. Love Darla

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I've never used a chat room so if everyone wants to schedule a time, I owuld be willing to show up....

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TByrd I sit in the chat for hours at a time and often an hour or two goes by before someone ever comes in. I suggest just sitting in there and waiting it is very rewarding to chat with others on this site. I have tried in the past to get something going in chat but never has got off the ground, good luck. It appears others use different chats because this one is so awful would be allot faster and better if didn't have to use submit button. I have tried to get this web site to change the way the chat is but no go there either. There are other sites that have much easier chats than this one. I myself would love to talk to everyone who comes here, chatting is instant support when you need it, why I sit and wait allot of times.
Be good to yourself,

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Sounds like a plan! I belong to the AOL support group also, and we got together, and made up a section in our Instant Messenger buddy list of everyone's screen names (easier to do with all being on AOL), but it has worked well, as we can chat when we see someone online, and don't have to wait until we're at the support group site. But, for this one, I would be all for something like naming a couple times a day that is convenient for different women so we could chat. I can do it pretty much any time, as I'm not working, so make another post if you come up with anything. Hugs, Cyndi

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Just signed into the chat room today myself and was surprised no one around...I'd be willing to try to set up a time...

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Hi Hummingbyrd,
I sent you a note via your cns start page email. I was wondering if you got it.
God Bless

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I noticed this too, I always try to go into a chat but no one is there. How about Friday Oct.11 @ from 7-9 pm. This is just an idea. Hopefully I will finally hear from someone!

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