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Derar sisters,
Just to let you know that after a long deliberation process, I've agreed with my doctors to have a preventive hysterectomy and remove the mass from my right ovary. Please pray all goes well.

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Dear Jenn, I pray that you have a quick and easy surgery with a speedy recovery and nothing but good news! Here's to no more PMS!Hang in there. May God bless you with his grace and mercy. lol Hummingbyrd

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My thoughts are with you Jenn and will be with you always. Hang in there, it sounds like you have a great medical team on your side and that is important. Preventative measures is something we all need to think about and do what we can. Even those with out cancer should be thinking long and hard about it. New research shows that smoking young contributes to our risk factors greatly and children need this information young not in their teens. The two p's in our lives are Prolong our lives with treatments and Prevent it from coming back by knowing our risk factors and knowing we are at greater risk now for breast cancer and other cancers. Knowledge is Power!
thanks for posting Jenn,
Be Good To Yourself,

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Way to go, Jenn! That's what you have to do, is hash it out until you are comfortable with the decision. I would personally feel it would be better to be safe. Will you have a total hysterectomy, or just the one ovary? I'll say some special prayers for you...when do you go in so we can all be thinking of you and praying for you? God bless, Cyndi

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Dear Cindy,
I will be having my uterus removed as well, not to take any chances with the Tamoxifen since my maternal grandmother died of uterine cancer. I will go under the 14th.

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