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Does life get back to normal

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Please anyone help! MY husband has just finished 40 radiation treatments to the neck area. He had a tumor on the right side in front of his esphogus opening and behind his voice box. The last treatment was July 10th. His throat is still swallowen and eats by feeding tube. He is on Prozac for depression. We have had several set backs, dehydration to over dehydrated, have seen several doctors and doctors and doctors. Does it end. He is in a rut. Eats and sleeps the same times every day. Will not go anywhere because of the thick mucus and choking. Will not eat liquids out because of the choking. I have tried everything to writing schedules, suggest this and that. Different things for thick mucus and dry throat. How do you cope with the same thing day in and day out. How do you control being frustrated and do not take it out on him. Sometimes I feel he has gone back to being 4 years old. I have to remind him of everything. You would thing that if you want to get better you would do things to accomplish that. I get so tried of repeating myself that I could scream. I'm so very glad that the tumor so far is gone and he is alive but I'm human to and what do I do. We were so very active all the time. Does it get better? Will we eat out again? Help, candy

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Dear Candy,

Mu husband has colon cancer and although he has a more positive attitude now than he did some months back, it's still difficult to for me to deal with. For a while I was going to therapy and it really worked for me. It help me put things in perspective and understand what I was going through. Although I have no access to one, support groups are can be very useful as well. Even though our partners do need a lot of support from us, we can't forget about taking care of ourselves. Lots of things can work like yoga, exercise, therapy, suport groups. Any of these alternatives might give you the support you need to keep going.

In terms of your question, does it get better? It has for me now that my husband's pain is under control and his life has gone back to close to normal. Yet I still need to concentrate on taking care of me first so I can then take care of him.

I hope this helps. Best wishes.


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