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Renal Cell Cancer

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I am a 58 year old Australian male. In November 2001 I had an operation to remove my right kidney and the tumor attached to it. In January 2002 I was given the 'all clear' and in May 2002 I was told that the cancer had returned and was now in the venacava vein, near the heart and it was also in some glands at the back of my stomach. I would like to chat with anyone who has had a similar experience about their diagnosis, treatment and attitude towards life after recieving the diagnosis. Thank you. Gerard.

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I sent you a private email
feel free to contact me

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I had my left kidney along with lymph nodes taken out in November of 2001. I have had two scans which were negative. My only complaint so far is presssure where I was cut.

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Hello. I am a 30 year old female living in canada. I had stage 3 kidney cancer and had my kidney removed also. So far everything is good. They say they got it all. Makes you wonder though if you can get it the first time what's to say it won't come back again. I have just gone for my set of tests and am waiting for the results. How did you find out you had it in the first place? Take care.

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Thank you for your response to our email. My name is Kylie and I am Gerard's daughter. Sadly, my father passed away in November 2002, one year after he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The cancer had spread to his stomach and caused complications with his liver. And because he was taking blood thinning medication it was too dangerous to operate. You asked in your email how he had the cancer in the first place. He had no idea until he had severe headaches and then passed some blood one day. The doctors then did tests and it was discovered then otherwase he had no symptoms at all. The doctors say it was probably there for about 2 years before it was discovered. My family and I wish you all the very best for the future. Never give up.

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