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How do you cope with burn out when the patient quits trying/

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MY husband had a cancerous tumor in his throat and with 40 radiation treatments the tumor is gone. The last treatment was July 10th. He has been in and out of er with dehydration, now he is over hydrated. He still is on the feeding tube. His throat is still very shallowen. He is on prozac for depression. He is in a rut. Does the same route day in and day out. I have to constantly remind him of everything. Do his feeding scheduling, keep his spirits up. ETC ETC I do not want to sound like I'm complaining because I'm very happy the radiation worked and he is still here with me. But does it get better? We are both depressed with the progress and just want to see a little light in the tunnel. We were both very active people traveling, eating out all the time and etc. I miss by lovin husband and I need some help to keep up his spirits and mine. I'm becoming very upset with him and them I get very mad at myself for doing so. Believe me he went throught hell during radiation and I was there every step of the way. And have been with him every step on the way in healing but does it get better and if so how long? My sister also was told she had rectum cancer. She went through surgery and will eventually have chemo. So I'm just a little bit or I should say alot stressed out and burnt out. Help please, candy

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