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New to the list

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Hello, I am so excited to have found a place to go and talk with people who understand what a family goes through when cancer joins the family. I really don't quite know what to say. My Mom is 55, she originally was diagnosed with sclc in Oct.2000. In Jan 2001 they said the cancer was no longer there. She started topotican as insurance it would stay gone. She made it through 1 treatment. Went back for the 2nd and Radiation Pneumonitus hit. She was hospitalized and actually got to lay in Jesus's arms and he told her to come back it wasn't time yet. She did, and after a year was finally getting back on her feet. Was down to actually only being on oxygen at night and was gaining strength and endurance every day. She was volunteering for the pulmonary dept. at the local hospital, taking some self improvement classes and then bamm..... She had a cat scan on July 15, they lost them and her oncologist finally called her Aug.5th with great news. She was still cancer free. She had developed a bad cough before the cat scan and they told her it was a cold or maby sinus infection. Before she was even told the results of the july scan, she was having to use oxygen quite a bit again. Still they kept telling her everything sounded good. It must be allergies or sinusitus. Her cough was constant and sounded horrible. Finally her pulmonologist saw her on Aug.25 she collapsed during a breathing test. She was admitted to ohsu, they kept her for a few days. Did a Bronc, and told her they thought the cancer was back. Thought it was small cell again. Then they sent her home to wait for the results of the biopsy. The next evening her airways became blocked and she could get no air. She was taken to her local hosp. via ambulance, they got her breathing semi under control and the er dr. was going to send her back home. We begged him not to because we were afraid she wouldn't make it. He hesitantly kept her overnight not even admitting her. Just sending her for observation as an er patient. The next morning after they almost let her suffocate again, her pulmonologist had her sent back to ohsu via ambulance. She spent the next 5 days in icu, clinging to life fighting like hell for every single breath. Receiving 26 liters or o2. Finally they did another cat scan, got the results from the original bronc. Found that the cancer wasn't only back but 4 tumors were in her lungs 2 in the small airways of the right lung and 1 in a small airway in the left lung and the lg airway in the left lung was now completly shut off with a large tumor. They took her for another bronc and placed a stent in the left airway. She can now breathe again. Thank You God! They started her on chemo in icu but say it is only palative. They say there is no cure for this re-current small cell lung cancer. Said she only has months to live. Thank God she is a fighter or she would have never made it through all that. I don't know how she held on for so long. Days of no sleep because if she dosed off she couldn't breathe. So is this true is there no cure? Is this it? I know the answer is up to God. But does anyone know are there things to try? I am closing my daycare to go take care of her. She qualified for in home care so that makes it possible for me to be with her. Again thank God for Giving me this honor to be able to care for my loving Mother in her time of need. To me it is a privledge to care for someone who has given so much! If anyone can share anything that helped them please contact me. Although I am strong and will do whatever it takes for her, honestly I am devistated. My heart is breaking and I keep begging God please, don't take my Mommy. I am 38 years old and when I am feeling bad I still call her Mommy. We are so blessed with loving friends and family, but I really need the help of someone who has gone through or is going through this nitemare. God Bless all who have and are because it takes remarkable strength and courage. I admire all of you who share on this board. Thank You so much for your courage strength and hope!
Desperate for comfort and knowlegde,

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Dear Denise,
Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I just found out about this board.
You have been through a lot. You are in My prayers. God is good, though we don't always understand.
My wife has cancer and has undergone chemo, operation, chemo and now radiation.
Sometimes I don't know what to do except thank Him for his strength.

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