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Can someone help?

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My dad was diagnosed with non small cell stage IV lung cancer. He's due to start radiation after almost 4 months of chemo which really didn't help. Will Radiation really help or will it just make him sicker? He's got the cancer in both lungs and really can't breathe too well. Just this week he started having coughing fits. All of this really scares me to death. I took care of my mom during her illness with pancreatic cancer and never thought I'd be doing it again. I just don't want to see my dad suffer the way my mom did. But yet I want him to be around as long as possible. Guess I just need someone to talk to who's been through this too. Thanks!

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Hi, my name is Jan and I am a lung cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer in 1997. I had to be treated surgically, however, I checked with Moffitt Cancer Center and chemotherapy for patients in Stage IV is used. The doctor should explain that chemotherapy will not rid your dad of cancer but add to his quality of life. He should be also checked to be sure that he can tolerate the chemo.
I would be happy to talk to you further if you would like. My e-mail address is missy57fl@yahoo.com

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I am a 2 year non small cell lung cancer survivor. I had chemo and radiation at the same time and had very good results. I have no cancer. Maybe by doing radiation it will shrink the tumor enough to where they might be able to do surgery. But I do think you need to do what you can, because it is absoluty possible to survive this cancer. I wish you the best of luck. Believe you can survive this stuff. luann

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Hi Sue -
I'm 62 yrs old and am also stage 4 lung cancer. I've had four types of chemo, once combined with radiation. Now I'm on the experimental drug - Iressa.

I believe no two people react the same way to chemo, and the impact of radiation depends on where they are aiming and what they hit getting there.

I used to have terrible coughing spasms and found that over-the-counter dayquil/nyquill were the best cough medicines, and that generic menthol eucalyptus cough drops helped most.

I've been at it for 22 months now and hope to set an all-time record. (ha/ha) I have a wonderful support group of family and friends and it sounds like your Dad does too.

Good luck and remember - this is really a marathon, not a sprint. I told my Onc. that his mission in life was to keep me going long enough for someone else to find a cure to this damn disease.

Stay well - in my prayers.
Tom O

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Tom, I'm making a list of Stage 4 NSCLC survivors and would like to put you on my list!!! Would you please contact me at moldy61@sbcglobal.net or 580-353-5132. How do you like Irressa? Have you met Dan of Fl. or Ann of Ga, both of whom irressa seems to work really, really great!?!?!
I'm looking forward to hearing your story! Thanks for being alive! Your survival is an inspiritation to all of us with Stage 4 NSCLC! Margo Lubbers

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Hi, I have small cell lung cancer and started my radiation treatments in the fifth cycle of chemo. It doesn't hurt as bad as the chemo . Just , please keep your spirits up and try to show him that you care. He needs your support to keep going and this is alot of the battle. I know it is hard but he needs you. If I can help let me know. Mike

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Hi Mike, I'm sorry to read you have small cell. My husband has SCLC too, and is now taking a third chemo protocol and had a lot of radiation. May I ask when you were diagnosed, whether it's limited or extensive, and what chemo drugs you take, and how you are responding so far? My blessings go out to you. My email is delligatti@jps.net

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Hi Ann, I am Mike and my e=mail address is handle@nauticom.net If I can be any help just ask and God bless

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My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Just two months ago. Chemo really hasn't helped him either, and he is in radiaton now. You were wondering if the radiation will help. He's doing well with the radiation, and the tumers are shrinking. We found out two weeks ago the cancer has moved into his brain, and we were all soooo devestated. If you ever feel the need to vent, I am going through the same thing right now as you are. I'm here fr you, and hang in there:}

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try iressa. it stoped mine for 10 months. some helps other dont. its a journey

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I'm looking for stories of hope. My brother in law is 36 years old with a 4 year old daughter. He was recently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer...Are there ANY stage IV lung cancer survivors who beat the odds??? PLEASE!!!! My family needs to hear from you!!!

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