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Hi everyone....on April 3, 2002 I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. I had a near total thyroidectomy 22 days later and the ablation with radioactive iodine in late august. It was quite a shock to me since I take care of myself by eating right and working out a lot. It was possibly the most devestating thing to ever happen to me or my family. I was just put back on my Synthroid about 3 weeks ago and it is like an emotional rollercoaster. Ij ust need to know that it gets better. I still have good says and bad days....after all this is not supposed to happen to someone who is 21 years old. I may not have children anymore becuase my doctor told me that it is a strong likelyhood that my daughters would have what I have. It has taught me so many things, things that I couldn't learn without experiencing it.

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I'm new to this whole site & message board, but had to write to tell you that things do get better- there is much to look ahead to. I had a total thyroidectomy in August of 2001 (my enlarged thyroid was discovered at my post-partum check-up when my DAUGHTER was 6 weeks old.) I had the radioactive iodine treatment a month after my surgery. I also have two young sons, so there's much reason to be thankful for effective treatment of this type of cancer. I'm needed here for quite a while longer! I must say that in the last year I've been a bit more emotional/moody than I remember being in the past, so I may attibute some of that to regulating my synthroid. I've never had any health care provider discourage me from having more children (radiologist; endocrinologist; mid-wife) so be encouraged that there is more than one school of thought out there as far as likelihood of heredity goes. Personally, I often say that cancer is a part of my story, but it does not define me. I'm just rambling on here... I'll be praying that you settle into peace over your situation.

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Hi gacbacker,
I don't check this board often anymore, but your message struck me. I have never been told that I could not have more children, in fact my doctor told me just the opposite. Please remember that there is little agreement among doctors and the effects of RAI. I also have papillary thyroid cancer and have just celebrated one year since my thyroidectomy. Life does get better...just different. I have accepted that my body is just not the same, and that is okay. Synthroid is just not the same as the real thing (thyroid hormone). You might want to do a little research on your own about how likely it is you could pass this on to your daughters. From what I have read, the cause is more environmental than biological. I am not an expert, but I have been in your shoes. Life is truly good and some sense of "normal" does return over time.

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Thanks for your comment that synthroid is just not the same as the real thing. It helped to confirm my impression/experience. I've felt very, very good since recovering from papillary thyroid cancer & a thyroidectomy last year, but my body doesn't necessarily respond the same as it used to. Nevertheless, life IS good- and my husband and I are planning another child with NO warnings from my doctors. :)

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