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Great Website!

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Hi Everyone-
My name's Jen. I'm 19 and an 8 year survivor of osteosarcoma. I'm sure you all know how helpful it was to meet other people who were going through a similar experience, because I guess you really can't understand what it's like to go through it unless you've actually been there. With this in mind, 4 friends and I decided to create a nationwide online support network for young adults who have experienced a chronic illness. Our goal is to get people to share their stories, experiences, and advice so we can form something really great that will benefit a lot of people, survivors and those who are newly diagnosed. We've been working a ton on getting our website to where we want it to be, but we really need your help. Since we're just 5 college students, we have no funding, or support by hospitals or organizations that would get the word out to the people who need it. We really feel like our site can make a difference, but we can't do it without people to share their experiences! So if you have a couple of minutes check out our site "Connect" at www.letsconnect.org We'd love to hear any comments or suggestions, and feel free to spread the word : )




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