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oophorectomy question

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Wednesday I am having my ovaries removed. I had my uterus removed 12 years ago. I am post-menapausal and a one year breast cancer survivor. The ovaries are being removed as a precaution. The operation is going to be a lapriscophy (SP?). However, if there is too much scar tissue from the hystorectomy, I will have to be opened up. The Dr. said it would be a "bikini cut". My research shows that another cut is vertical from the belly-button down. This gives the Dr a better view. I will be be discussing this with the Dr at our consultation tomorrow afternoon. I was wondering if anyone could tell me their experience with the vertical cut?

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Hi Mary, I had a vertical cut and it actually extended above my belly button because of a large tumor that also had to be removed. I didn't have any problems whatsoever and I only took a couple of pain pills a day for about 4 days after I got home. It wasn't real pain, more just being uncomfortable. I always took one at night prior to going to bed just so I could get comfy. I was never the 2 piece bathing suit wearer, so scaring wasn't an issue.
I wish the very best for you and hope you heal quickly and there are no complications. God Bless, Sue

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Dear Mary,
I had vertical cut (from navel to pubic bone) in January 2001 when I had total abdominal hysterectomy. No problem!

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