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re. Joys of Lymphedema

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Hi...just read your messsage...I just signed on today...so your message seems a bit dated,but hope that you have found some solutions since you posted. My advice is to get to a Physical Therapist who does this for you, then shows you the correct way in which to do the MLD. There are also videos that help. Are you familiar with the Lymphedema sites that Yahoo has....Many LE sufferers write and exhange info.Very informative. One group which deals with the Lower Extremities' site is LowerLimbLymphedema2@yahoogroups.com or another Lymphedema@yahoogroups.com...either group may be able to supply some/all of your questions. I wish you well. I have it in my rt. arm and both feet/ankles, Hope all goes well for you....Mimi

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Hi, just read your message. I have lymphedema in my right leg. I am a massage therapist, it helps me understand why I need to massage my leg. I will check out the yahoogroups for lymphedema. I am trying to find financial resources to help me with the compression garment I wear during the day. Thanks for the info. Linda

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Hi I just join and I read about Redhead47 that has Lymphedema of the right leg. Is this from cancer or what. I had lymphedema of the left leg from the effects of my cancer and radaition. It is hard to find a doctor or health care person that understands this. Hope I can find someone that knows how this feel.

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