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Hey Guys, I'm surprised there isn't much activity in this discussion board. TC is rare but there are still a bunch of us out here! Anyway I was diagnosed in January and finished chemo in June. I'm feeling a lot better now and thought I would put myself out here for anyone who would like to talk or ask questions (not that I will have all the answers). I'm 27 and live in Florida. You can email me at chad.pickett@myflorida.com.

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Hi! I am glad to hear you are feeling good. Definitely stay active in the TC community. There are alot of people touched by TC and people like you,who are willing to share their experience,give those just beginning treatment hope.

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Hello 1 nut,
Good choice in screen names.I was diagnosed 8/2001 and finally got through in 5/2002.(see web page for details).Why don't you post a web page so we will know of all the fun you had with your case?Seriously,glad you made it.Wish I had found this site A little earlier.

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My husband found out he had TC in March of this year. They removed the testicle and then did a lymph node biop (true hell operation) and they came back clear. He just had his follow up scans and x-rays 8/31 and wew were told Friday 9/13 that the cancer is now in his lungs and there is also a mass in his ab.. They are now saying chemo. I have no clue what to expect. He is 24 and we also live in Florida. Anything you can share or ... well just about anything. We are scared and feel like we are in the dark. We are still looking for a good doctor --- have apt 10/8 but could use anyhting your willing to share. My name is Lacey and my husband is Christopher

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Dear Lacey and Christopher, my name is Rafael and i'm from Brazil. I spent two years treating this testicle cancer that would never go away. It spread all out, wich force me do a marrow bone transplant (preety heavy stuff) Now I'm good, healthy and happy. I would like to share my experience and support with you. My e-mail is rafael@fulltecno.com.br Count on me please!!!!

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Hi Lacy:
How you guys are doing? My name is Dul and I am from Mexico.
I just read your story. And let me tell you that that I felt familiar with what you wrote.
In April 2001 my boyfriend was diagnosed with TC also. The operation was successful and after that he took radiotheraphy.

All I can tell is love him very much and express him (no matter what) your feelings and your support. In my experience, David (my boyfriend) had this big changes of humour that were one day driving me crazy. You should take your moments alone with yourself because is not easy. take a deeop breath and ALWAYS expect a miracle. It will happen. ANother thing is that there are many things to learn about this experience. Believe me.
Another thing that I can tell you from my experience is that you have to get as much information as possible. Ask. No matter how long it takes or how many places you look for. Ask. There is always and anwer, a doctor, an article, a miracle...
Well, I look foward to talk to you soon.
Take care,

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Dear Lacey,

I am new to the chat world but can relate to your story. My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer in Feb of 2001. The lymph nodes in his abdomen were clear. He had surgery and radiation. We thought we had dodged the bullet and were done with cancer. In Jan of 2002, he had tumors in the lymph nodes of his chest and throat. He went through 4 rounds of BEP chemo. It helped shrink the tumors, but they didn't completely go away. Then he had a stem cell transplant with high-dose chemo around Thanskgiving of 2002. It looks like he is in remission! It has been a long struggle. all I can say is I can imagine what you're going through. The things that have helped us get through have been: a medical team we trusted (UCSF), our friends (let them do things for you; it makes THEM feel better). We set up a website and posted Mark's progress so our family and friend's far away could stay in the loop; we got setup with State and social Security so that we could take advantage of any financial support available to us. I have had to keep working at my job throughout most of this, and if you can take time off with Family Medical Leave, do it. It sounds trite, but don't forget to take some time for yourself.

Hang in there,


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Hey 1 nut
my name is ryan, I'm 23 and an architecture major at the univ. of oklahoma. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer last october had the bad boy removed then a lymph node removal (my stomach still aint right) and chemo. still doing blood tests once a month. anyways just saw a commercial on tv about this web site tonight thought i'd give it a try. anyone want to talk about t.c. my e-mail address is ryan.m.mullins-1@ou.edu

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Diagnosed with TC 22 yrs ago after 10 months of chemo, three operations and many setbacks I survived!

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