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Pregnancy after Breast Cancer

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Hi - I was wondering if anyone had successful pregnancies after breast cancer (chemo and radiation). My doctor is giving me the "thumbs up" to try after I get my annual chest,bone, and abdomen xray. I'm kind of nervous because I'm only two years from diagnosis and, can I even get pregnant? I am 30 years old. Any success stories? Thanks!

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HI, My neighbor was very extending and opened up to me about her BC when she heard my diagnosis. She had a lumpectomy, chemo, radiation, tamoxifen, and now at 47 has two babies, one is about three and the other a year and a half I think. So, your answer is yes!
Prayers are with you,

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Thanks so much! That makes me feel so much better! :-)

God Bless!

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Dear Jena;
My oncologist and his wife are the proud parents of a darling boy age 6 who was conceived after BC which was apparently fairly advanced. She had undergone chemo and radiation and they did have some extra scientific help to get pregnant, but it worked! So, go for it. If you want his name, etc. let me know and I'll send it to you. He's a great guy and a great physician.
I think he's a pretty great Daddy, too.
Best of everything to you..and may God Bless you with your heart's desire.

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Thank you for responding! I appreciate it! Made me feel better:-)

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Check out bc2miraclebaby's web page here. I am very happy to share the news. Our daughter will be 5 this Dec.PERFECTLY NORMAL!
Best of luck to you. Keep in touch with your ONCH. and stay healthy, those new babies can wear you out,just like any other miracle. :-) Debbie

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