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Hi Everyone
I've been on this site several times before and have met some wonderful people. Haven't been on faithfully for awhile now but I had a reoccurance (breast cancer) and I will start the dreaded chemo again in October. I will be getting taxotere and wonder if anyone out there who's had it can give me a clue what I'm in for. I've heard several different opinions but mostly they have been pretty positive compared to the treatments I went through two years ago..
Thanks.. Deb Dancy

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Hi Deb,
I just finished taxol which is a cousin to taxotere. I didnt have much of any problems with it at all. I was alittle achey for several days afterwards but it was very tolerable. I am 37 and took 6 rounds of it. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at nocarb1@yahoo.com
The best of luck!!

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I had 4 treatments or AC then 4 treatments of Taxotere. I was given steroids to take before, during and after the treatments. I continued to work, I was not sick like with the AC but I was stiff and sore in the joints. My hair began to grow back rather than with the AC when it fell out. I remained stiff and achy for a long time after my forth treatment and finally found that something ... either the AC or the Taxotere had messed up my thyroid so once I got that straight I am fine. One caution ... I was picking apples one evening while on the Taxetere and I stretched real far and lifted a rather heavy crate with one arm. Normally that wouldn't bother me but it staighned the arm and it hurt for months. Be careful with you muscles and joints. Do walk and stretch and exersice just don't over do it. Anyway ... I'm sorry to hear that you have to endure more treatment ... my thoughts are with you. Keep on the sunny side! Jamie

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Thanks Jamie, My onc told me of the joint pain with taxotere so I'm preparing for that. Did you lose all your hair with taxotere or had you already lost it and it began growing back while on it? I hope I won't lose it again, it's finally long again... but I'm prepared for it if it does, this time I'm gonna purchase a wig (didn't the last time) I plan on working through it as well so I'm hoping for an easier time.
Thanks for the advice!
Have a great day..
Debbie :-)

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Hi Debbie
I was already bald when I started the Taxotere and my hair started to come back. I hope you don't lose your hair again. I wore a wig to work and went without around the house etc. I really hope it is easier ... it will be just because you know what you could expect. Let us know how it goes. Jamie

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Dear Deb
Don't know what you've been on before but Taxotere is one of the best drugs indicated for recurrent BC. Especially if taken in conjunction with or soon after Adriamycin.
It's not the easiest one to take but if they get the dose right it is tolerable. My first dose was too high & I suffered but after that it was bearable. Not nice but bearable. It's main problem is that it leaves you with very bad pains in the lower limbs. The muscle & joint pain are not pleasant & the weakness in the knees is long term. I finished 6 cycles of Taxotere in APril & still have weak legs. Try to give your body as much of a boost as possible with natural supplements like Vit. B & multi vits & minerals. They help a lot with the mouth ulcers that some people get. They also help to re-line the gut which the Taxotere strips away. Take as much rest as possible & keep visualising about how this drug is zapping at the cancer cells.

Apparantly they have now found an enzyme that helps fast growing cells to repair themselves (even cancer cells) which nullifys some of the results of the chemo. They are now working on turning off this enzyme to prevent the cancer cells from repairing themselves so making chemo more effective. So there is hope out there. Hang on in & keep kicking butt. I am a 21 year survivor so it can be done.

Thinking of. Let us know how you get on.

Love & hugs


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