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Clear Mammogram, Happy but Scared

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Dear friends,
My visit to the doctor yesterday gave me some hope although I must admit I have mixed feelings about it. My mammogram was clear (yea!) and he decided not to put me through any chemotherapy for the moment. I will be starting radiation and tamoxifen in the coming months, but sometimes wish I would have gotten all the possible and available treatments, It's not that I don't trust my doctor, but that I guess we all tend to think more is better and am so afraid it will come back that I would feel safer taking treatment even if I don't need it. What is a girl to do? Also, could you guys inform me about radiation treatments and what to expect?

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Hi Jenn,
I just finished radiation the end of June 2002. I had five weeks of radiation M-F. The first three weeks for not bad, the last two weeks, I did get burnt but they give you a prescription for cream that did help. It took me into July, 2002 to heal from these burns. I did my radiation in the AM, one of the first appointment. No waiting and then I had my day. I started tamoxifen in July 2002 and the main side effects are night sweats and occasional hot flashes that have been manageable. Good Luck with your journey, hang tough. We all have been through it. Love Darla

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Dear Jenn,
I will tell you that radiation is a walk in the part compared to chemo. Only thing is -it is a pain the butt coz you have to go everyday, and if you work or if office is long way off- it makes it difficult. The only thing you will have to watch out for in my experience is to be SURE NOT NOT NOTt to APPLY any sorts of creams or onitments to the radaiton site BEFORE treatment. I learned this hardway -for no one (not even the nurses or Dr) told me that until it was to late and I was badly burned, other than that there really isnt much to tell. Takes longer to get undressed and re-dressed than to do the treatment. Good luck and God Bless-
feel free to contact me at jerilynfrog13@yahoo.com if you want to just gab a bit.

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Hello Jenn,
The oncologists I've spoken to about four of them now, use the total weight of whatever breast cancer was found to determine if you are really going to benefit from the chemo and tamoxifen. I was on the fence and could have decided not to do either. My total wt was 2.4cc and that was both breasts (1.2 invasive lobular carcinoma plus ductal for the balance). I had no lymph involvement and all margins were clear (had the Sentinel Node Dissection to determine if nodes were involved). Each form of treatment kept improving my odds for total recovery.
I had four cessions of chemo and started the tamoxifen 6 months ago. Also note, by doing this I didn't need radiation and that is what I wanted to avoid. Hope this helps.
Sending warm fuzzies and hugs,

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