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anti depressants...a question

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Anyone taking anti depressants. Dr. recommended Celexa, but after reading possible side effects not sure if I want to start. Any feedback would be helpful.

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I started taking amitryptoline some years ago and take 30mgs at night. It was suggested when I was suffering allot of pain issues after surgeries and treatments. I am still on it and it is a slight antidepressant that is taken at night to help you sleep. I have had great success with this, mild form.
Hope you get what you need,
Be good to yourself,

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I wnt into a huge depression and first went on Zoloft (75mg). It worked wonders ... recently I had read about Effexor helping with hot flashes ... I took the articles to my Phyciatrist and he swithed me to the Effexor. So far I have not noticed a big difference in my hot flashes ... and I still feel fine ... depression wise. I did not have side effects from either medication. My step daughter was recently prescribed Celexa by her GP for anxiety. She only takes half a pill I don't know what dose but it hasn't given her any side effects. If you are depressed, sad, anxious, or really not yourself ... I recommend trying something for a while. This is a tough thing we have to go through. Why suffer if you can get some relief. Good Luck Jamie

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I have been taking paxil for anxiety and also the hot flashes. Once I got used to it...say a couple weeks....I liked it; no major side effects. I think it has helped the anxiety, but I still get severe hot flashes. (But my flashes are worse because I'm on arimidex which causes them). Good luck! Ask lots of questions!

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I'm taking Celexa and have had no trouble with side effects. I've been taking it for almost 2 years. In the beginning, I had some trouble with spontaneous yawning (kind of a funny side effect), but that went away.
Don't hesitate to take an anti-dep if you need it. I have more of an anxiety problem and it really helps me. Good luck! Diane

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I tried to take two different kinds of anti depressants but both made me sick. They are Zoloft and Seroxat. I still need something so if anyone can suggest an alternative I would appreciate it. Hugs, Marie

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I didn't like Paxil (headaches) nor Zoloft (groggy feeling and later diarrhea) - but Prozac was perfect - just 10 mg.

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