Seed Implants After Prostatectomy

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I have been told that a clinic in Phoenix can implant radioactive seeds even though my prostate is gone. I assume they are planted in the nerve bundles that were preserved.

Has anyone had experience with this? Any advice?


  • nutt
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    Not sure where to start?
    Just because it is available does not necessairly imply it is what you require?

    Does this imply that the removal of the prostate DID NOT remove all of the cancer and/or has the cancer cells escaped from the prostate before/during or after removal?

    If this is the case, is it not reasonable to assume they are no longer localized at or near the prostate area and other procedures need to be considered?

    I would definetly consult (2nd opinion) other doctors in your area as there is a larger question that needs to be considered, that is, "where is the cancer"? Still localized or has it spread? This will determine the treatment I hope?
    Good luck and keep in touch.
  • nutt
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    my best advise is to contact them directly, obtain their email or fax #'s and then question them directly on what their procedure is and then discuss it with your local doctor.
    Good luck,