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Her 2 Positive

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Is there a support group for this? My friend has breast cancer and she is one of the 25% of women that has this as well. She is looking for a support group of long term survivors that help her. Thanks

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I am Her2 strongly positive. I did some research and it sounds scary ... but test have only been used in the last 5 to 7 years to test for Her2. A neighbor who had a very aggressive cancer 6 years before me didn't even know what Her2 was ... and she is a nurse. I look at this diagnosis as a good tool for the Oncologists to use in setting the treatment. Also the new treatments like Herceptin are designed for Her2 and while I pray I don't have a recurrance I know I'll have a new treatment if I do ... and it's less offensive than the other Chemo treatments. I was diagnosed in Oct. 2000 with stage 2 and have been out of treatment for 16 months and my tests are all clear as can be. I do understand where your friend is coming from but she should also be glad that we are living in these times of gene study that the Her2 oncogene is even tested for and that drugs like Herceptin are available ... our mothers generation did not have that. I don't know a specific group but this site is excellent for support. You are a special friend to look out for your friend this way. Thanks and good luck to you both. Jamie

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I don't know of any support groups that address the Her-2/neu only. I would think any breast cancer support group would have members with this gene. A lot of us here on the CSN are Her-2 positive. I am +3
and starting my 3rd year cancer free. My Oncologist told me that the her-2 factor is not all bad. He thinks it enables the chemo to work more effectively. I hope your friend does well. -Nancy

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