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What a life

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Hello ladies. Haven't posted in a while. Just have been to upset. My wonderful life has gone crazy. They found 2 tumors in my lung and it has tool my insurance 3 weeks to decide if I can have a pet scan. Also they must think I am rich. They have decided to up my premims from 150.00 a month to almosr 400.00 a month. I am not able to work my husband does and we can't afford to pay this. My husbands insurance at work want touch me so I had to go on a state insurance for uninsuranceable people. i don't have a clue how to pay this. It looks like I will have to divorce my husband of 18 years in order to have health insurance. Isn't this great and they wonder what's wrong with this world. Sorry for all this but just had to let off some steam. Also having a big problem with my leg swelling. So keep me in your prayers Thanks Judy

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It seems so unfair what some of us have endure if having breast cancer wasn't enough. You certainly have had allot of things to concider and I too wonder what is wrong with this world. People work for 26 years and can loose everything with an illness seems very wrong when in my country I have paid high taxes all those years since making a middle income. Yet now I am going on long term disability and too can't afford much of anything soon too loose the little I gained in just a few short years of working after my cancer. One thing I am glad I learned at an early age and that was life just isn't fair and we are finding out how truly cruel it can be. I am very sorry you and your family have to face some of the same horrors. Hang on tight to each other is the best thing you all can do.
Be good to yourselves,

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Oh Judy, for God's sake, what a disaster. I can't believe we have this 3rd world mentality regarding medical things in what is the richest country in the world. With all the limos for the politicians, can't we give our people the decent medicine they need? Just a disgrace. I am so sorry. Try the local Cancer Society, heaven knows they get plenty of money. Also, talk to your docs and tell them your situation. It is a shameful state of affairs in my opinion. Gentle hugs, Shirlann

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Hi Judy,
Sorry to hear that you're not getting the help you should from your health insurance. Can't understand how they can deny you treatment and also raise your premium. Are you having a PET scan? Please let us know the results. What will be the treatment for the tumors in your lungs? I had the left upper lobe removed in April due to lung cancer. I have a CT scan every 3 months to check other spots in my right lung. Now a spot is found in my liver and I will have a liver biopsy tomorrow.
I will think positive thoughts for you and keep you in my prayers. We both need to stay strong to get through all this. We are tough and will survive.

Hugs from Carolyn

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