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wheres a chat room?

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Joined: Aug 2002

I keep looking in the chat room but noone is ever there. Is this the norm? are there other chat rooms that people know of?

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Joined: Oct 2000

Hi! The chat room is pretty quiet most of the time but once in a while someone will be sitting there waiting. Sign on and wait. Maybe someone will show up. Don't give up. There's another website that has a better chatroom. It's cancersurvivor.com. Try there. It's on and off. Cathy

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Joined: May 2002

Hi, I tried to get into the chat room but get timed out most of the time, right now I can't get in the chat room, the sceen comes up and that's it, nothing happens, can't move the screen up or down to type a message, maybe it does'nt work anymore ????

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Joined: Jul 2002

Hi, I'm off from work for awhile and am always on the computer. I'll chat with whomever would like to. Please e-mail me at deangelis.family@verizon.net

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