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latissimus flap

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I just had a modified radical mastecomy. I had the latissimus flap for reconsrtuction. Can anyone that has had this proceedure done give me some info on post surgery? ie: swelling, pain, and recovery. It has been three weeks since my surgery.

Thank You,

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Dear Gail,
Been there.. mine was over a year ago and I still have swelling. I asked Dr about it about 3months after surgery and he said it could take as long as a year, well it has been 14 months and I still have swelling - hummm dont know that it will ever go away. BTW I had mine UNDONE 5 weeks later - Dr never told me that it would feel like a fisbe stuck under my sking.. I hated the way it felt so I had it taken out. I now wear the prostectic piece in the special bra and am more comfortable with it. I lead a very active live and 44 and have 5 kids (3 of them teens) it just so much easier for me.. Good luck and ask your Dr about it.. To each his own. email me at jerilynfrog 13@yahoo.com if you want to talk about it more.
God Bless

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Dear Gail:
I am looking for help too. My doctor is recomending a latissimus flap, and I want to speak with people who have had it.
You are more experienced than I. How is it after 3 weeks? Are you still very uncomfortable?? Lillyb

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