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Quality of Life after Prostrate Cancer using Zoladex or Lupron

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I have prostrate cancer and have been recieving lupron and zoladex every 3 months for the past 15 months. I would like any input on what others have experienced from this treatment. My cancer was spread to my spine also. Now I am doing well with the cancer, but am aching all over most of the time. I am taking vioxx and tylenol arthritis strength. If you could help, please reply.

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My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer this past May. He has received a Lupron Shot every month since then. He has had 4 so far. His cancer has not spread to any of his bones, but is likely to have went outside the prostate because of high scores(PSA of 75.5 and Gleason of 7). His last PSA score was 47. He hasn't experienced any symptons from the shots other than hot flashes and fatigue(he is 74 yrs.old). I'm not sure if the tiredness is coming from the shots or the cancer itself. Would you mind sharing your scores with me (PSA and Gleason) and tell me how you are feeling 15 months after finding out you have Prostate cancer. Please reply to my e-mail page.

Thanks and best wishes.

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Hi, Sammy, in regard to your questions, my psa was 29 18 months ago and my gleason was 7. After 18months of zoladex, my psa is down to .015. I am 60 years old, and other than the aches, pains and being tired, I am still working and have a decent life.

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