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Hey there,
Just to let you guys know that I went for a mammogram (OUCH! OUCH!) today, less than one month after my quadrantectomy and exactly two weeks after my node dissection, to check for any signs of remaining cancer. I only ask to be in your prayers so that the outcome is the best for me and results in the best treatment.

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Hi Jenn
So be it!! I've found that the group of people here are very proficient in prayer and well wishing. Encouragement too!
It is very important to healing that we keep a positive attitude. A little humor never hurt either.
Hang in there.
Oh yeah.. Why don't you make your page? Let us know a little about you?

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Dear Jenn:
You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and reassure you of His love by giving you the strength and faith you need to see this through. I do pray that every little cancerous cell is gone and will never return!
Hugs and prayers,

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