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Death-a blessed relief

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My husband died from cancer on Aug 17. It was a relief for both him and me. We had talked it over and he was ready to go. I had done everything I could for him and felt no guilt. We both agreed it was the only solution. We prayed that it would be quick and easy. He was only confined to bed for one week. One afternoon he went to sleep and didn't wake up. Our prayers had been answered. And I was happy for him. Death is not a thing to be feared, it is a part of life. For him it was an end to suffering and the start of a new life.

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I agree with your view point about your husbands death. My first wife was diagnosed 9 months before her death in may 1983 at a young 33 years old. Many nights I prayed that she could die since the docs did not give us hardly hope.

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Hi Jaunty. My name is cocobear and I am new to csn. My husband passed away 10/17/03 from liver/kidney/prostate cancer. Looking back I know we were both very fortunate that from diagnosis to his death was only 4wks/3days. But even in that short of a time his passing was a relief. We all have heard or witnessed first hand the horror stories that this hatefull thing called cancer can do to everyone invovled. Three days after my husband passed away I talked to his doc. and from the info. I gave him, he assured me that my husband had gone into a coma 3 days before he passed and when the time was right he just went peacefully to sleep. Knowing that brings some comfort but does nothing to fill the hole in my soul. Now that most of the business is taken care of I have time to realize that when everything is said and done, both my husband and I were very blessed. With working full time, taking care of him (with the help of Hospice they were wonderful)drs. appts. bills,legal stuff and all the rest now I am feeling less guilty about feel that his death was and is a blessed relief. If that makes any sense at all. Going thru the days, the starting of the grieving and being a new widow is sometimes more than I think I can handle. Thanks for listening. And I would love to hear from you either thur csn or my e-mail--AKarlmann@webtv.net Hope to hear from you soon. Cocobear.

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