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Small Cell Cervical Cancer

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I am looking for information on small cell cervical cancer. Can hardly find a thing on the net as this is such a rare type of cervical cancer. I am really interested in diagnostic and treatment protocols, as well as survival statistics (5 year preferred, can only find 2 year, being 28 percent). I would also very, very much like to connect with someone who has or is currently diagnosed with this type of cancer.

Cheers {:o)

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I have had small cell cervical cancer. It was not originally diagnosed as small cell when it first occurred and I had a Weirthams hysterectomy. It reoccured about 4 years later and I then had chemo and radiotherapy.
I am two years on from that and completely paranoid about it returning.
I can provide more detail if you reply and would be interested in what you have managed to find out about the condition.

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I can't believe that I haven't run across this post until now. Hopefully everything turned out okay and you found some answers.

I was diagnosed with small cell cervical in 2001 at the age of 26. I had chemo, a radical hysterectomy, and radiation.

I would love to talk to either one or both of you about it, such as how you're feeling, what you go through, etc.

Sending healing thoughts,

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hi whitney i was wondering how you are doing.......i havent heard from you in a while....

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Hello!! How are you ladies doing? I know this is a tough and crazy diagnosis. I hope you are well.


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