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Nipple update!

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Hi girls I saw my plastic surgeon today and discussed nipple reconstruction and reduction of his magnificent handy work.
Nipple first-as my natural nipple is rather small, flat and altogether insignificant[poor wee thing] he has suggested tattoo only. As he said if I don't like it I can always get more done.
As for my outsized right boob, he has suggested liposuction which does not sound too awful,lets face it there is not a lot of feeling there anyway. I have to go back in three months and let him know what I have decided. I'll probably go with his suggestions but I thought I'd ask all you ladies who have been here ahead of me what you think
Thanks all love Liza

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Instead of downsizing your new breast, why don't you have an implant put in the other one to make them equal? My friend did that and it looks fabulous. After having only 1 breast for 2 years, and now to have 2 C's looking perky and the same size, it's a miracle!

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Take care!

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