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Breast bumpers...

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Ok, is it just me or does anyone else have a tendency to bump into people/things with their "Babettes" or other such things???
Lately, as I am becoming less protective of my TramFlap (Babette- 5wks old this past Monday), I notice that, since there is no feeling to her, I run into people/things and don't realize it until I feel the pressure on my chest wall!!! *laughing* It's a wee bit disconcerting to be bumping against folks here and there like a tug boat gone awry at the dock... Oops! Pardon me! *giggle* And really now.. *looks down at the appendage in question* It's not as if Babette is HUGE! She's just a little "B" cup model... How on earth is she managing to get me into all these predicaments?!?! *ponders- is that the tune of "Born to be Wild" emitting from my Tram?!?!
Be well all!
A puzzled Marty

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Hi, naaaa your not the only one bumping, hi hi...its numb there and will be , so be careful., don't get her injured..You got a wild one.......(laughing)
Take good care of Babette, Hugs....Emmi

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Oh, my gosh, I do the same thing. I don't know what it is. Are we less careful because we all have a lot to do, and we're not paying attention? 'Babette' must have a mind of her own. I call my new babies, only a 9 days old, (fillable expander implants) "the twins".

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