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My dad has bladder cancer

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I'm looking for any info that can help prepare me for this. My father has a very large tumor on his bladder and is a very high grade. The doctor(s) say he won't make it through surgery so they're going to be starting radiation and chemotherapy. I'm scared because I don't know what to expect from this. They have given my father 6 mos to 1 yr. Is he going to spend the last 6 mos of his life being sick all of the time? He has lost a lot of weight and the doctors keep telling him to eat more... he's eating as much as he can, but he's still losing weight. What will happen to him once the Chemo and radiation start? Do you think Chemo and radiation are a good idea?? Please help!

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Hello, I am just curious to see how your father is doing. My mother was diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer earlier this year and unfortunately passed away in September. She had chemotherapy, no radiation, and she was mostly only sick when she had her treatments. I hope the treatments are working for your father.

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I'll tell you abot my surgery and you decide about your farther. I have a heart problem that my heart is only pumping at a 20% rate. When I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, large tumor, very high grade, I lost it at first and after my significant discussed it TOGETHER we decided to HAVE the surgery because 6 ms. to 1 yr. of being sick and her having to watch me waste away were to muc for her to bear so we decided on taking the chance on the surgery. I came through the surgery with flying colors. 100% of cancer gone!!!!! Made me a neo-bladder took the prostrate out, don't need that anymore anyway. Please, go for the surgery if at all possible. Life is much better than 6mos to 1yr.

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Dear Chuckys back, What is a neo-bladder? My dad had his bladder (prostate) removed and replaced w/bowel then reconnected as normal (no side bag). If that is what you underwent, please correspond with him at rustyzipper2@juno.com. Tell him Nancy sent you - daughter and breast cancer survivor, 05/05/01. Thanks!

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You are not alone my dad also has bladder cancer he has been doing chemo and radiation for 3 months he has lost a 100 lbs and has no appetite. The drs. havent given him a time they say eat and you will get better I do not no what to expect I see a man that was very large twindle down to nothing. my thoughts are with you

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My dad has bladder cancer too! He was diagoined at 48 and is now 80. My dad also has a pacemaker and sugar diabetes. 2 years ago he had a nephroureterectomy took out left kidney and ureter I thought the worst too! Came out great. Recovery was a little interesting though. Too much drug. Dad got really confused and nasty. Funny to see. Now at 80 he had a radical cystectomy and is doing great!!! Lost weight but he went through the same thing with the last surgery he lost and then within in 1 year he gained alittle back. Now he's got to gain weight again. Without the surgery he would have only lived for 3 months This cancer came back very aggressive(nasty). I am glad my dad went through it. Make sure you know what pain medications they put your dad on. Mine flips out on morphine and dilaudid. How old is your dad? As far as Chemo and radation the doc. said he didn't need it. Is your dads cancer out of the bladder? or confined to just the bladder? Write back Nancy

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