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Is a 5-6 day hospital stay commom with most chemo???

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hi, i've heard diff. stories. my mom has a tumor on her neck on her lymph nodes and tonsil area. they're using chemo and radiation for her but who stays in the hospital for it and who don't? it is scary because someone with a similar case like hers didn't have to stay in the hospital for some reason...someone please help me understand. thanks....D

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Dee, True, some people do stay in the hospital for their chemo, it really depends on your doctor and how well you handle the chemo. For the most of my chemo I was able to be out at home, but I did have to stay in the hospital for two weeks with my last two doses. I am sorry to hear about your mom, but as long as you are there to give her strength she can make it.Everyone here has either gone thru it, or had someone close to them who has. Good luck to you and your mom.

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It sounds like your mom has a similar cancer to mine. I had a tonsil cancer that metastasized to the lymph nodes in my neck. I had 4 rounds of chemo with radiation during the last two. They hospitlaized me for the first two rounds partly to see how I responded to the drugs and partly because I was in a clinical trial.

Don't be too concerned about getting differnt treatment from someone else. We are all diffrent and our cancers are different. Frankly, I was better off in the hospital during the chemo. Then I had someone to help me clean up after the diarrhea.

Stay strong and help keep your mom focused on getting better.


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