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Question about whole brain radiation

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Hi, my name is Cindy and i'm in remiss from small cell lung cancer. Now, they are giving me phrophylactic brain rads as a preventative measure. I have been doing it for 2 weeks now and am starting to get depressed and am crying all the time. Am tired all the time. Is this normal? I'm not too scared about the side effects. Loss of I.Q. points,(eh, who needs em?) and my loss of hair. I have great wigs but my head hurts and the depression thing is really getting to me. Anyone else been through this? Help! Cindy

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Hi a friend of mine had it done rather then go threw the sergery.It sure is not plesant stuf.I had 21 treatments to my upper chest 10 years ago,an Im here to tell you it works.Yes you will feel tired,Yes you will get burnt,yes you will go threw all kinds of things,But dont forget,You are fighting for your life.Arnt you willing to risk it all. I did,and it worked.Trust in your doctors keep praying and dont give up hope.my prayrs are with you, Bobz1

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Look at you,When I typed you a few ago, I didnt realise it was you.We havent seen anything from you since march 29th.Its sure good to see you are up an kickin.Your a real strong person...Hang in an let us know whats going on....Bob Z

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Hi Cindy! I went through the same thing last year about this same time. Went every day for 3 weeks...lost my hair and was also very tired. My doctor continually pointed out that they would not even be undertaking this phrophylactic brain radiation if the initial treatment (chemo & radiation) had not been successful. The fact that you were a successful candidate is a positive in the first place. I too have some short term memory loss but it hasn't affected my work with the Town at all. I still put in my 10-12 hour days when needed. Sounds like you're doing just great...keep it up!!

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