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STem Cell Transplant

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Hey all! I hope everyone is doing fantabulous! I was wondering if anyone would like to tell me their experiences with a bone marrow transplant. I'm going to have one, and am a bit nervous. Mine's an unrelated, although the match is terrific.

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I had an Autologous Stem Cell Transplant in February of this year. Today is Day +199, and I'm doing great.
I'd be happy to tell you about it.


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Hello I am going in for a stem cell transplant in 1 day can you tell me about your experience please? Thank you

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Hi, Holly! Well it's been a while since you posted this, so how was your transplant? I had mine in Dec. 2000. I've had graft vs. host disease for about a year and a half, but I'm doing great! I would love to hear from you! -Lora

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hell-o there my name is michael and i have had a bone marrow transplant and stem cell replacement if you have any questioind please email me at arsglomik@aol.com be strong if u can get your hear together your body will follow...but you need to take 95 percent of you life and focus only on yourself and you can only give to others that 5%.its hard but its a must please write as soon aas you can........good health asnd work on the head...

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mike, my brother had his chemo treatments and then the stem cell transplant...he's very sick now, has a bunch of problems from the transplant...did u have any problems???

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what kind of problems did he have?

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