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1 down, 5 to go!!! Wheee!

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I am home, it took forever to get the chemo started as they were overbooked! *smiles* Poor dears were working so hard, felt sorry for them.

We closed the place down. *grin* It went very well, I love my port... so much easier when we only have one arm to do the poking and my veins are so very fine to start with...
Correction, it's not Taxol, it's Cytoxan as my 3rd in the cocktail. The actual infusion only took an hour! Great!

Anyway, I am heading off to see my Reiki/Healing touch practitioner now and then to bed! We'll see how I feel in the morning!

Be well all!!

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glad it went ok. Take care...Hugs Emmi

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I love your message. One of the most positive characteristics for me is that I know that each step takes me just that much closer to beating this cancer. And when I'm sad I think about what it could be like it it hadn't been found - and it was growing quietly, spreading elsewhere.
Hang in there ... there will be good days and bad, but you are one step closer.

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