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More Chemo!!!

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Dear Friends
Just to let you know that I am about to undergo yet another chemo series. The relief I got from the Taxotere has been short lived (as have all my treatments so far but I had high hopes for the Taxotere) & I am now out of partial remission & this bloody disease is on the rampage again. My oncologist tossed up the various options (we are fast running out of them now) & decided to go for CMF ( Cyclophosphamide, Methotrexate & 5-fluorouracil) as opposed to straight Xeloda (which converts to 5-fluorouracil in the body). Needless to say I am not looking forward to this as 4 months without chemo has been so good & my hair was growing back in so well (I even had a hair cut last week). Now I will be on treatment all through our southern hemisphere summer again & this treatment makes you very sun-sensitive. Great in a country with the highest UV rates in the world. I know I can make it again with all the support & help I get from my family & friends (I mean you my sisters)but I see so many paralells between me & Rosa now that it's getting scary & every tretment down is one less option. So pray for me please. I have had to give up work again as the pain levels have become horrendous so hopefully will have more time to devote to the site that I have sadly neglected due to tiredness in the past few months. Next week marks 2 years since I found you all.

Love & hugs to you all


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Hi Pam Hang in there. I have been on so much dhemo they are running out of stuff to give me too. I know myself how hard it can get sometimes but be strong and we are all with you in this. Judy

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Oh Pam! what a bummer! Sorry to hear about some new chemo - that stuff MIGHT not bother your hair. Left you a note on the other site thru 'page' but before I read this.

Love and hugs,

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You are my inspiration!!! You are such a fighter. I'm praying for you and you family. All my best wishes. Jamie

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Hi Pam,
I am sorry to hear that you must endure more chemo. Yes, there are some parallels with Rosa - compassion, encouragement, tenacity, humor....you are a fighter and continue to be that. I cannot imagine what you are going through, but please know that I am praying for you fervently. (You do have a beautiful country and when I visit again I would like to meet you.) May the Lord heal in ways in that we cannot understand and keep you and your family save in the palm of His hand.
Love, Jayne

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Oh Pam, what can I say. I know this is frightening and I know it is such a disappointment. You have been through so much and are still fighting as hard as you can fight. You are always in my prayers. You mentioned Rosa and I too, think of her all the time. Do you hear from Dave at all to know how the children are doing? We have traveled a long road together and have supported one another along the way. When you do think of Rosa, also think of this old friend in Missouri that is praying for you as hard as I know how!!! Lots of love, Nancy

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My thoughts are with you as well. Though I have only being coping with cancer since May, those of you whose paths are so arduous make me not loose faith that the battle is worth the effort. Be strong, and know that you are in my thoughts.

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I will pray hard for you the next 4 months that this round of chemo will do the trick. Gob Bless you,

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Pam, I am not as good with words like the rest that answered your post, but I agree with everyone of them and I hope you know you will be in my prayers daily, and that you don't have any probs with the chemo.
I didn't know Rosa, I came to this site just as Rosa passed on. I read her posts though and know she would have been a wonderful friend.I was just thinking of her a couple of days ago about how hard she had to fight. We have to fight hard also. So hang in there and be strong. Trust in the LORD and ask HIM to help you

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Hi Pam....it was really good hearing from you, as I have been thinking of you alot. Sorry you have to have more chemo, and will lose your hair all over again. You are a very brave person, and I really look up to you as I always did Tiger. My prayers are with you daily and keep the positive attitude that you have always had. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
We love you, Lucy

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Hello Pam, just wanted you to know that we are all here for you even when things look down.. I will keep you in my prayers each and every night that you can beat this terrible disease,,you have been so strong..just hang tough and keep a great attitude !! Remember what Rosa always said "Lets kick cancers a--!!!! God Bless and watch over you , Karin

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Dear precious Pam, has anyone suggested stem cell transplant? This is surely an option, maybe down the road. Please know you are in my prayers and my thoughts. Don't get too discouraged. If you are able, pick up a disc and get on AOL. They have a health site with "Stage IV Amazons" that is phenomenol. I would highly recommend you get with these gals. God love you, Shirlann

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Hi Pam, just read your post, I am on CMF half way thru (3 month) go on thursday for cycle 4 day 1 and again next week. Found this chemo to be a bit better to tolerate then my chemo 4 years ago (CAF), at present I still have most of my hair, its thinning but not to bad . I don't get to sick with it either, some nausea and very tired. I take ZOFRAN in the IV with 10mg DECADRON when I get the chemo,and 2 pills a day for 4 days after that. Even went back to work part time during the chemo weeks. Hope this helps. Take care I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.Hugs....Emmi

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Thanks Emm

That makes me feel a little better as I did know what to expect this time. I have always managed to get just about every side effect going with my past treatments so lets hope this one will be better.
Someone has suggested stem cell transplants & I will bring this up with my oncologist tomorrow when I see hom before the first IV.

I will keep everyone informed. Thanks to all for caring so much.

Love & hugs


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Pam, I was so relieved to see your posting. I myself have not visited the site on a regular basis but the times that I have, I look for a message from you. You have been on my mind and in my prayers and you will remain there through this next battle you face. Your contribution to this site has been uplifting to me and I am sure to all of our sisters here. We are with you all the way!

God's Peace and love be with you-
Mel in AR

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