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need diagnosis

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Both my parents died from cancer relatively young. I smoked for a few years before I quit, but now I have a strange sensation in my throat and I'm a little freaked out because I know it's not supposed to be there. I'm not insured and if I'm diagnosed w/ cancer, I can't afford treatment. I'm wondering what anyone's first signs were, how they caught it, and what I can do about this. Thanx.

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hi, was here just reading posts. I just finished chemo for breast cancer. I am getting financial help thru the state. If you have cancer, the cancer soceity( spelled that wrong) can help you find a way to get treatment.DO NOT WAIT!!! Love and Prayers----Grandma

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You cant afford not to be checked out. Contact Cancer Action or the American Cancer Society. Theycan help you reference obtaining your diagnosis and treatment. Mine was initially a small lump onthe right side of my neck. When biopsied, it was found to be squamous cell carcinoma, which had mestastasized from my hhead to my neck. Chemo and radiation were hell to go thru, but if your results are anything likemine, it will be well worth it. My last two pet scans have revealed no trace of cancer in my body! Sure, you will be scared, we all were. My dad also died of lung cancer, and that really weighed on my mind, too. Keep your faith in God, pray to Him, and believe me, He will help you.

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