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really upset

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I got my test results a week ago and found out that the tumors in the liver are smaller, which is great news, then this week I told them I wanted to see the reports[ don't know why just a gut feeling] Well I found out that there is now a tunor in the left lung that has never been there before and was not even told this last week. The path report say's most likely ca.Ans was not even told this. I am very upset about this. Thanks Judy

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Oh Judy! That stinks!!! (understatement)
This is a classic example of why we should take our health care into our own hands.. and follow our guts!!! I always get a copy of my reports, etc., and ask too many questions. Too many little glitches along the way can add up. It will be interesting to hear why nobody bothered to tell you of this new development...
*tight hugs* Just another bump in the road Judy, you will do beautifully!!!


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I am so sorry to hear of the lung tumor. Praise God that you had the wisdom to ask to see the report. If you cannot trust your doctor to tell you the truth, maybe you should consider changing doctors. Your life is more important than worrying about what the doctor thinks if you switch to another. Have you had a long talk with the doc? What was the reason for withholding the information? Sometimes it is hard to take charge and be assertive, but we have to do that. It is hard for me, so I take my sister with me to every appointment because she is the one who is more assertive. Maybe you need to take someone with you who can fill that role and find out why this happened. I'll be praying for you. Let us know what happens.
Love, Jayne

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Hi Judy,
I am so sorry to hear your news. Be strong and try to stay positive. I agree with Marty, always ask for copies of your path reports. Set an expectation with your doc that you want to review (in detail) every report. Some patients do not want to know everything. Doctors are only going to give you the amount of info you ask for. I was relentless with my docs and wasn't always the most popular patient. However, I always knew exactly what I was up against. Keep them on their toes and do not accept anything less than the total truth.
Good luck - please keep us posted on your progress. Prayers and hugs are coming your way.
Take Care!!!

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Hi Judy, It is good to always get copies of all tests. I only started asking for these copies after the cancer was found. Now I read back in some of the copies I got for tests run, in years past, and am very surprised at the information that was never shared with me by my doctors. My sister-in-law had lung cancer and had one lung removed. She went for check-ups every 6 months and was given a clean bill of health by her doctor. She had a close friend in the radiology dept. of the hospital she used, and this friend asked her what her doctor was doing about the "new tumor"...When she confronted her doctor, he was astounded to read that there was another tumor....obviously he had never read the report!!! So, stay on top of every test and keep all your report copies. We are responsible for our own bodies and health care and can not trust our health to anyone else, without informed questions and consistent follow up. I pray that this new finding will prove to be very treatable. Even better, lets pray it was a mistake and thats why your doctor did not consult with you. Hugs and Love, Nancy

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My 2 mL worth (I am a chemist by educational background, and not an accountant, therefore I provide this amount, rather than just 2 cents :) certainly reverberates what the others have said. I have also learned to ask for copies of all path reports, and have learned to specifically ask questions. I think that the reality is that doctors are overwhelmed and are human - they do make mistakes, miss things etc. I have learned to be a stronger advocate for myself (for example, now when some procedure is done, I ask for the best case and worst case scenarios rather than letting them just give me the "rosy picture") and also keep a journal. I write down questions and specifically ask lots of questions. And share all my symptoms. I am a medical "squeeky wheel" but I have decided if I don't advocate for myself, who will?
Stay positive. I know how discouraging another tumor is. We are all here to help.
*Very gentle hugs*

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Very good advice. Thanks for all of us. God bless you.
Love, Jayne

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Hi Judy.....sorry to read your posting about possible new ca. The key word is possible..most likely..remember this is not definite..let's pray that it is not. I will be praying for you mightily so that you can have some peace and rejoice in the news of the smaller liver tumors. The joy of the good news was stolen from you...let the path report be wrong. God bless. Kathie

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I agree totally with keeping on top of your test results and notes. After all, doctors are humans who went to college and sometimes learn with "time" to LOOK deeper than the surface for possible problems. He or she might be so busy patting themselves on the back for your positive response to the treatment, they missed it? Might it have been that since your doctor saw a good response in the liver he ASSUMED that the treatments would also cross over to minimize the other? You might request a ct scan periodically to monitor the regression or heaven forbid , the progress of this newest occurence.. I have had what appears to be "scar tissue"(in both lungs ) following the treatments(for met.breast cancer to my sternum and both lungs), which, over time should be absorbed by my body. The Onchologist Assumes this to be scar tissue because after 6 years they have not changed(no growth).GOOD FOR YOU TO HAVE SOUGHT OUT THE ANSWERS! My best to you. Debbie

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