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Marty's neverending surprises...

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Mhmmm... so, as I was saying on the previous thread re: Zoladex... it's been 2wks since I had the 3 little pellets implanted into my bum tissue to suspend my ovaries in hopes of averting premature menopause due to chemo. (I am 37)
Then we had the perpetually pus-y weekend during which something "blew" under my abdominal incision (3 wks post-TramFlap) and my newly liberated drainage "hole" started leaking pus the day after the drain removal... now we are down to clear, plasma-like fluids (thank you for asking *smiles*) but the hole still isn't healing up. At this rate, we won't be playing with chemo Aug. 19th either!! Surely my Onc. is going thru' Marty withdrawl! *teasing grin*

One might wonder... what next? What can she **possibly** come up with now?!? Try 4lbs of weight gain in a couple days.. cravings, binges, a couple of blemishes... What the?!?!?
Well, apparently the Amoxicyllin I am finishing up today has not been playing nicely with the Zoladex pellets... yesterday I had a cramp!.. and today I am bleeding. (menstrual type, nothing too wild!) So much for suppressed ovaries, eh? *waggles eyebrows*

So, here I sit... being "GOOD", changing my gauze and totally befuddled. Think I've outdone myself here. Always prided myself on doing things "my" way... but this is ridiculous!! *laughs* Hopefully I'll be getting some input from the Dr. later today. *sigh* Meanwhile.. WHERE did I hide that CHOCOLATE?!?!?
It's always a long, strange trip with Marty!

Be well all!
Love and Peace,
Marty (still rolling her eyes and giggling)

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Dear Marty:
I don't know why, but any antibiotic I have ever taken gives me the munchies. As far as the weight gain - it is probably just excess fluid - couldn't possibly be from the binges! Really though, your body has been through a lot of trauma recently, and will react in many different ways. Just hang in there and we will all be praying that the chemo will be kind to you. You are so much fun - we need your stories for our own therapy!!! Thanks again.
Hugs and prayers,

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Ah our precious Marty, what would we all do without you and your humor? You are a kick! You are an inspiration and so much fun. Keep up the good work and if you do anything normally, we would love to hear that too!! Gentle hugs, Shirlann

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Hi Marty, Wish I had your sence of humor.
I used to laugh and joke around, but well things aren't so funny anymore.
Sure hope you get your infections cleared up and do well with the chemo. Will keep praying for you.
You keep that humor coming for as long as you can. It helps us all. Your way with words are wonderful.

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This of your quirks this way ... if you weren't unique (and can I ever relate to not responding according the doctor's expectations) the humorous stories might not be as funny :) And we all benefit from your tales. This morning it game me a smile as I am soon off for another "ground zero" experience (my husband's reference to my radiation treatments).

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Way to go Marty and when you find the chocolate SHARE Hang in there Judy

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Hi Marty,
Didn't your Mum tell you that chocolate causes blemishes? Sounds like you're holding out! :^)
I sent you an e-mail last night. Did you get it? Please let me know. I'm still trying to learn to how to do things on this site. I did learn how to put a pic on my web page.
Peace and blessings,

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Hi Eva!!

Yes, got your note, am in the midst of a major cleaning fit. *grin* I'll be back to you in the shake of a lamb's tail... or perhaps several.. well,ok, how about monday?!? *grin*

Be well!

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